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Thursday, December 22, 2005


God is not an imaginary being.
God is the imagination.
God is Imagination.
All of the imagination through and around the universe.

Where there was the void, Imagination could still distinguish between light and dark.

When Adam was created it was in the imagination of God, and as being that has imagination.

What separates us from the other creatures is not tools, nor language, nor war, nor desire.
What separates us the existence of imagination through our minds.

We see what nothing else sees.
We hear what nothing else hears.
We know what is unknown to others.

When part of Imagination energizes the human mind, the awareness of something greater than the mere physical universe dawns.

For some, who do not have the outlet to express this energy, Imagination is a terrible burden, something which they believe can be relieved through destruction.

For some, who are blessed with the space and materials to manifest, Imagination is a blessed member of their consciousness, which they joyfully express through creation.

The way to peace is not through the elimination of Imagination, nor through making others imagine only as you do, nor to follow our imaginings without question.

The path first starts with recognizing that we are part imagination and part of Imagination.
How we imagine Imagination is how we curse or bless ourselves and each other.

And for this we must respect that every ones relationship with Imagination and with God.
Whether it be through words, through experience, through everything or not at all.
For the desire to silence any way through which God finds self-expression, is a sign that one is not at peace with God nor with themselves.

The physical world is a synaesthetic canvas through which Imagination shares itself with itself as something else. How else could we imagine that there is a reality?

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